Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Traveling brings forth so many topics. While you are traveling, or thinking of traveling, there are SO many things to factor in. Within my topic of traveling, I have come across the hundreds of different languages, the hundreds of different cultures, ways of traveling, and while on the topic of that, there is flying and when is the best time to fly, purchase your tickets, and flight patterns. This is not all. You also have the time differences whether it is solely going across the US, or if going abroad. There is different styles of architecture in different countries, or ample amount of history within your region of travel. There are customs within each country to know, for example in the US we tip for certain services where as many countries can't even fathom the idea. There are so many subtopics within my big idea of traveling that this list could go on for pages and it would branch into a large oak tree. However, I would like to keep this short and sweet, just long enough so you get the idea.

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