Friday, February 7, 2014


What am I passionate about and what do I want to do? When one is given the freedom to really think of what they dream of doing, many ideas start to form. My idea kind of came to me right away. I decided I would LOVE to travel. To many people it seems unrealistic to travel the world, blog about it, and eventually make money. It seems absurd and expensive. But, people laughed when they heard the draft plan of the first cell phone. I know this can be done with hard work and time. I know if I dedicate myself enough I can make this happen. How can I use tools from this course? Networking will be a huge part of this process. First I will need to reach out to experts or people who have started this process. Then, after debuting my blog specifically for traveling, I will need to network and get the word out so people can start following and viewing it. The internet will provide a HUGE resource for me. What better way of networking then reaching 8 billion people with a couple clicks? By June to be successful, I want to have a clear plan of where I am traveling and when. I want to potentially have a job in another country (au pair) or a possible college to attend. I want to have clear plans set. I also may want to have a blog up and ready for posts to be made as I start making my journeys. I believe this will not only please me, but others who have doubts. People will start to see my plan clearly for themselves, just as I am as well. Completing these takes will really take this dream to a real potential to be had. I have already contacted many people in the process. I have emailed people about collaboration, I have supporters just within my classes, and I want to reach out to renowned travel bloggers to facilitate this process for me. As of right now, I am one step in the process in that I officially know how I will start my travels. My next step is making this "know how" into a "is happening" which I am also in the process of. More to come! Follow me on my journey.

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