Monday, February 10, 2014


1. I turned to this site for professional experience. Here you can take classes specifically for travel journalism. This includes photography, writing, and video.
2. A source I turned to was Samantha Brown. She is one of the most know travel show hosts. You can find her on the Travel Channel. By reading her story and her journey, I have been able to compare her life to how mine could be.
3. I came across an awesome blog of a girl who pursued this field as a career and has succeeded and is still on her road to success. I follow her blog daily and see all the places she has been and see how she blogs about it. She provides true inspiration.
4. A website that has helped make my travels come true is This site has been such a help because here I can talk with families from all around the world and talk of potentially live with them and nanny for them.
5. Another blog that has helped me greatly was Here it gave me the idea of becoming an au pair and other helpful tips of how to save money while traveling.
6. This is another blog of which is a great help. Not only does it show you ways to travel as well as where to travel, but it also gives a perspective of how traveling can change your mind. It also shows you other ways of thinking that you may have not seen before.
7. Along with, I made a profile on This is a similar site as au pair where you make a profile and get matched with families as to which you can live with.
8. On this godsend of a site, members can share their travels with pictures and description. It really gives you a peak at what blogging is like. On the site, it describes it as "Triptease is a place where people save and share the best of their travel. Putting images front and centre, they capture what it was really like." You can also follow people!
9. By watching vlogs on Youtube, I have been able to see how people feel about their traveling, what places to potentially go, local secrets, and even I am able to see what people like to hear about traveling.
10. On this blog, the publisher tells great tips for how to travel full-time for a year for cheap. Websites with tips like these from experienced people is such a great help because it brings my dreams to reality.
11. A show recently debuted on The Travel Channel called The Trip 2014 really interested me and made me have a huge desire to visit Spain. I showed me all the adventure out there and it also showed me how the professionals succeed at what they do. View it at:
12. Last, but surely not least is Instagram. Through Instagram, I have met many people aspiring to do the same thing as I have. I have contacted them in interest of collaborating and have gained some solid feedback and tips from these contacts.

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