Thursday, February 13, 2014


1. At this site, I received valuable information on how to successfully enter into the online world, how I should go about these steps in the most effective ways, and how to go about it all with a right attitude. All this from a professional, "been there, done that" person. This website helped me to create a plan for my future blog.
2. This site I found today is a site where people looking for writers can post exactly what they need written. Members can then "bid" on these and submit their work. Many of these posting are about traveling which is perfect for me. You also get paid for your work. Sounds like a winner and a great way to get started.
3. On this site, I found a guy who has traveled around the world and back. He shared the 20 things he has learned while traveling and his knowledge has really helped me. If I took one piece of valuable advice, it would be him sharing the two cheap airlines at which he flew across Europe 7 times for $120. I can travel across Europe for very cheap and this was very useful for me! Of course, who doesn't want to save money!
4. Jack and Jill provide exotic places, places least traveled to, and adventurous twist to a normal vacation. They document their crazy times with amazing, breath taking pictures as well as descriptions and tips for places traveled. If you consider going somewhere, check this  blog first.

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