Monday, June 2, 2014


As an add on to my essay, I wanted to really think of something relevant and meaningful. I touched on this in the first paragraph in my essay. I referred to the first day of the course back in August and how, we as the students, leaped into the unknown when saying yes to Open Source Learning. None of us knew what the process would be like. However, we jumped and tried something new. Spontaneous acts can turn into the best experiences. Many of us "Expository Compers" discovered that. This photo demonstrates the leap we took into the unknown!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


  • What are you working on
I am working on a masterpiece project of traveling, mixed with adventuring, also mixed with "doing cool things". With all this I will create an amazing video full of awesome things I have done.
  • Why?
I want to experience as much as a can that life has to offer and really live life to the fullest. 
  • What is the significance of this project in your life/career?
In life, I can take so much from these experiences. Traveling and trying new things is such an enlightening experience that I can carry on forever.
  • How do you see this work helping you in life outside of school?
Outside of school, I know I will be a much happier person and much more well rounded! I will be able to engage in many conversations and provide input based on my personal encounters.
  • Has anything surprised you in your work?
I haven't really been surprised yet, but I will await the day!
  • What do you need to successfully complete your project and present it?
I need my GoPro camera to come in the mail already so I can start filming all these cool things I do. With that camera filming my awesome times, I will make one amazing video full of highlights to present how I have made my project come alive.
  • What have you learned that's worth teaching someone else?
I have truly learned that life is short and that we really need to take advantage of life's opportunities. Talk to new people because you never know where that conversation may lead. Mine led me to a trip to Italy, and now to Belgium. 


-I'm working on showing the different forms of sports and medical engineering and how they work and how they are applied.
-I chose this because I'm into engineering and also physical therapy so I found a way to combine the two together.
-the significance of my work will help me better understand how technology is helping athletes and people around the world recover from injuries. And from there I want to better what's out there already.
- this work will help me keep my passion for sports and my interest for engineering still in my life.
-I as surprised that it took me so long to find out my topic because I thought the two I was interested in before couldn't be related.
- to finish my project, I will need to demonstrate a few samples of technologies out there, what they do, how they work, how it's applied.
-I've learned that finding your passion will make work much easier and let you lead a happy life.


- im working on putting all of my research and ideas together into one final masterpiece project 
-im working on this because its times to put that work that i have completed over the course of the semester into the actual real masterpiece 
-the significance of this project in my life/future career is that it has helped me realize what i want to do and what i need to do in order to be successful
-this work is helping me outside of school because it has helped create a balance in my life
-not anything in particular has necessarily surprised me in my work so far
-i think that i need a more clear idea of how my masterpiece and how i want it to turn out to be successful in my presentation 
-i have learned that with too much work or too much fun, you will never feel totally content with your life, it requires a balance 


1. I am working on making my own street wear clothing brand and getting my ideas out to the world. 
2. I'm doing it because I am really into the street wear culture and I need money to buy everything I like and eventually collaborate and make stuff I like with the brands that I love.
3. My work is significant because people are walking billboards and they will help me get my ideas out there and let other people see what's in my head 
4. The work will help me meet new people and connect with everyone in the world
5. It surprises me how many people like what I like and how many people want to help me get far in this business 
6. To successfully finish my project I will need to have a finished product ready to sell and ready to wear 
7. I've learned to just follow what you like and you can make an impact by just putting stuff out there 

Friday, May 2, 2014


how will an adventurous lifestyle full of traveling and "doing something cool" help me begin a new chapter of my life? The question is how will it not? As soon as I have no true obligations such as school, meaning this summer, I am a free bird! I literally get to do whatever I want! And with that freedom, I will do a lot of cool things. My lifestyle will be changed completely for the good. I will be happier and it will be the start to a new chapter.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


After much consideration and thought on this topic, I have decided to again tweak and add to my masterpiece. So as it originally started, it was all about traveling! This was because I had recently had the opportunity to travel and fell in live with the way it made me feel and everything I got to experience because of it. Because one can not always jump on a plane and fly anywhere they want, (well in my case at least) I wanted to make my masterpiece something that I could be doing right now. So then I added adventure to my topic! Anything that seemed adventurous or new to me. This was totally achievable for me at the present moment! Now to make it even more broad, I am adding the topic of "doing something cool". This is stemmed off my favorite instagram page that is truly about trying things and exploring and doing rad things. It's all about enjoying life in the present moment with an open mind to try new things and fully be engaged in whatever thing you are doing at that moment. It is truly a way of life and I am totally about that life. So with these three things in full effect for my masterpiece I know that my final project will be nothing less than awesome.


It is so crazy that this is the assignment today because just yesterday I was thinking this exact same thing. How many things throughout my day give me that "instant travel bug". Talking to Jared Perry yesterday was one thing that inspired me. Now together, we are going to scheme up a plan to "do something cool". This stems off the oh-so inspirational instagram page I follow that truly tells people to live life and do cool things in your life. Do what makes a better story. These two connections within one day made me want to get out there and do things! Then later, when babysitting and talking to this little girls mom who is from Germany, she offered me to come stay with her family anytime I want. Just another connection is exactly what I needed in my life now! I have never felt so content and happy in life!!! :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


it can be a difficult thing for a student to wrap their head around that they are supposed to design a course or pathway to benefit them in their learning experience.  These teachers who have gone to school for years and studied to benefit us are supposed to design a curriculum for us. They have had the experience of school before us and should know what is the best. Now, a teacher is telling us, the students, to make our learning experience better. I am not exactly sure how this is possible. By throwing out an idea, I came up with the people around me. However, you can't fix other people. What I mean by this though is that the people around me are never on task, always talking, and not motivated. It is hard for one to be fully committed to such work or even focused when people around you are constantly messing up your own motivation.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Over break I spent my time on my masterpiece by...
1. Reviewing my favorite blogs. This gives me an idea of what the travel world followers like to see so that I can present things they want to see as well.
2. I personally "traveled" for my mom's birthday. This reminded me of the "travel bug" I get when I get to go places.
3. I read Brooke Saward's story of how she accomplished what I wish to do
4. I took note of the little things in each moment spent not in my hometown
5. I watched travel vlogs and put together my own