Thursday, May 1, 2014


After much consideration and thought on this topic, I have decided to again tweak and add to my masterpiece. So as it originally started, it was all about traveling! This was because I had recently had the opportunity to travel and fell in live with the way it made me feel and everything I got to experience because of it. Because one can not always jump on a plane and fly anywhere they want, (well in my case at least) I wanted to make my masterpiece something that I could be doing right now. So then I added adventure to my topic! Anything that seemed adventurous or new to me. This was totally achievable for me at the present moment! Now to make it even more broad, I am adding the topic of "doing something cool". This is stemmed off my favorite instagram page that is truly about trying things and exploring and doing rad things. It's all about enjoying life in the present moment with an open mind to try new things and fully be engaged in whatever thing you are doing at that moment. It is truly a way of life and I am totally about that life. So with these three things in full effect for my masterpiece I know that my final project will be nothing less than awesome.

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