Thursday, February 20, 2014


1. Shane Cheverez- Shane has a simple background so you as a reader are not too distracted. Knowing what assignments were required, I know that all his posts are up to date. Also his vocabulary usage is very good so I know this is quality content.
2. Malik Pope- Malik adds his personality to his blog by uploading a picture of him playing football. This brings his readers closer to him. His posts aren't as up to date as they should be, but the one's that he has seem to have been done with value and quality.
3.Valentina Alvarado- Her blog seemed to have all the elements! The only thing I would say is the hundreds of colored fonts takes away from the actual meaning of the writing. However, her blog is up to date and all done with great pride.
4. Maria Luna- Maria's blog has a cool aspect and it's that she included pictures of her own writing on paper! In my opinion, that is a very personal touch to add! It's awesome! Her blog is also clear to understand and large print for easy to read reading.
5.Erik Santos- Erik's background draws attention to that mostly! It feels like you can tell what kind of person he is by his background! However, he is far behind on posts and it doesn't look like he has posted anything this semester. He needs a little push from his classmates!

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