Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Vocabulary #1

Au pair- a young foreign person who helps with housework or child care in exchange for room and board.
I want to be an au pair in Switzerland.
Wanderlust- a strong desire to travel
I am wanderlust.
Indicative- serving as a sign or indication of something
The students not doing their homework was indicative that they were lazy.
Presumption- an act of taking something to be true
In the argument I presumed that's what you did
Keen- having or showing eagerness about something
I was keen about the idea.
Resiliency- ability to spring back into shape.
The resiliency of the girl after knee surgery was amazing.
Incognito- having one's true identity concealed
The American spy was incognito.
Prerequisite-a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.
In order to become a physical therapist, I need to complete my prerequisites.
Coherent- logical and consistent
The lesson today was coherent.
Emulate- match or surpass, typically by imitation
I emulated my sisters grades.
Ludicrous- so foolish, out of place, or unreasonable as to be amusing.
The joke was so ludicrous, everyone laughed awkwardly.
Disarray- disorganized
My desk was in a disarray.
Standby- readiness for duty
The soldier was on standby
Sui generis- unique
Many cultures are described as Sui Generis.
Opprobrium- harsh criticism
She spoke of my work with opprobrium.
Abjure- to reject
I abjured to the offer.
Approbation- praise
I received approbation for the discovery.
Diffident- shy
When traveling, one must not be diffident.
Promulgate- to make known
There was no need to promulgate the secret.
Manifold- diverse
Different cultures provide manifold foods.

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