Thursday, February 27, 2014


  • Get to know everyone in the room and discover what they're working on.
  • Find ways to share content, experiences, contacts, and skills.
  • Identify five people as your "go to" support system (Note: you will eventually include Members in all 608 classes, but start with people in your class today)-- this will become the core of your peer network.  Besides providing immediate help and reinforcement, it will give you a foundation to work with as you expand.
  • Consider what/who else you need in your network
  • Take notes on it all so you can do the HW easily (or simply write your notes on a device and upload in a post to your course blog)
In my team, I find that by looking on the list of what everyone is doing in 0 period and 1st, I see that some people in 1st period which would be of great help to me. In this class however, I would say Jared, Maria, Shane, and Gabi. These people can, in some way, help me. Even if it is just another person's idea, I know that would be valuable. In my network I really need a photographer or videographer. 

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