Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pleasantly Lost...

As I get deeper into this project, I sit here thinking of a potential name for my project and a future blog to broadcast my travels including pictures and some journalism. I have though for a while and when you think of traveling, you think of different cultures, new languages, and unfamiliar places! In a sense, you start out lost. However, how great is being lost in a beautiful surrounding, engulfed in a beautiful culture. You are pleasantly lost! And that's where the title is derived from. In this project of "Pleasantly Lost", I am pursuing something I have always dreamed to do. I have always envied the people with this job. This is travel journalism.


  1. I like it! That phrase perfectly encapsulates what travelling is all about. I'm genuinely excited (and honestly a bit jelous) to see how everything plays out for you :D