Monday, September 23, 2013


Adroit- expert in the use of hands or body.
As a pianist, I am adroit.
Amicable - showing good will.
My mom was amicable when she donated her clothes.
Averse- strong feeling of opposititon
Many Christians are adverse to abortion.
Belligerent- warlike
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cubans were belligerent. 

Benevolent- expressing good will or kindly feelings.
She has a benevolent smile.
Cursory- going rapidly over something without noticing details.
In my attempt on my last minute essay, I cursorily wrote it in ten minutes.
Duplicity- double dealing
The duplicity of her actions was astonishing.
Extol - to praise highly
After receiving athlete of the week, i was extolled by my school.
Feasible- capable of being done
My homework is feasible.
Grimace- facial expression that indicates disapproval or pain
When she heard the news, her grimace was shown.
Holocaust- a great devastation, especially by fire
A holocaust was put upon the house because of the carelessness of playing with matches.
impervious- not permitting penetration or passage
Many say the American border is impervious.
impetus- a moving force
The passion in the young kids acted as an impetus for the project.
jeopardy- hazard of exposure to loss, harm, death, or injury
My life was in jeopardy when I got in the car with the drunk driver.
meticulous- showing extreme care about minute details
I meticulously worked on the project that I received an A on.
nostalgia- sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.
Many exchange students experience nostalgia while here.
quintessence- the pure and concentrated essence of a substance
As the stage in time, the flower was quintessence.
retrogress- to go back to an earlier and usually worse condition.
Many drug addicts retrogress to their old habits after help.
scrutinize- to examine with detail
The doctor scrutinized the X-rays to check for a break.
tepid- moderately warm
After sitting for awhile, my tea was only tepid. 
  accede to give approval
I acceded the new project in English.
 brandish to shake or wave as a weapon
The soldier brandished his sword right before battle.
 comprise to include or contain
Our  English call is comprised of smart students.
 deft skillful or clever
I consider a painter to be deft.
 destitute deprived of
The family avoided the loan and therefore remained in destitute.
 explicit fully or clearly expressed or demonstrated
The movie was extremely explicit for young viewers.
 extirpate to remove or destroy totally
I want to extirpate the animal cruelty club.
 inopportune inappropriate
I feel her comments were inopportune.
 ironic The opposite of what is expected to happen
The movies outcome was ironic based on the plot.
 musty having an odor or flavor suggestive of mold
The abandoned building had a musty smell.
 officious objectionably aggressive in offering one's unrequested and unwanted services, help or advive
The maids at the hotel officiously offered help.
 ominous  portending evil or harm
The mystery book ominously told what was to come.
 pinnacle a lofty peakk
When we reached the pinnacle of the mountain, I was too scared to look down.
 premeditated planned in advance
Our groups plans were premeditated to the week before.
 rampant violent in action or spirit
The way she responded to the car accident was rampant.
 solace comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble
When her aunt died, chocolate was her solace.
 stately majestic
Many say that stallions are stately.
 supple bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed
Some wire is supple.
 suppress to put an end to the activities of.
The United States suppressed the Nazi reign.
 venal open to bribery
The cop was venal for the teenager's speeding ticket.

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