Sunday, September 29, 2013


Steve Job's speech was inspiring. It was basically the rise from the bottom which you hear typically rappers tell. The background of his life, (adoption), set the tone for what to expect later in his life. He didn't just tell us this part for no reason. Informing the listeners of his 6 months in college was shocking considering his incredible success. His hardships his parents dealt with, spending their life's savings on his college, and his hardships of trading in his bottles to only pay for food also set the tone of his speech. He then worked his way into telling us how he relied on destiny or fate. Dropping out of college was a risky move, of course. But, how can we as people, know that later our "bad" actions one day, can make us extremely successful in life in 10 years. I don't think for me personally, I can "YOLO" moments and think "oh it's ok, this will pay off later". Of course there are some cases where this happens to people, like Steve Jobs, but, not everyone can design computers either.
In Job's second story, he tells us how Apple was the love of his life. He loved what he did. When he got fired it hit him hard. I do strongly believe with his philosophy here. Steve told the listeners that you HAVE to find what you love to do. You can't settle because your whole life is going to be that! He then continues to tell as that when you love what you do, you always got to go after that, no matter how hard it can be. When he got fired from Apple, he was devastated, but he continued to work to get back to where he was, and he did. I love that.
Steve Job's last story on death was also powerful. His mentality of looking in the mirror every morning and asking himself what he did was so meaningful. I think I will start doing this! But, anyways, Job's tells his audience that you must live your life like you really are going to die that day. Yes, it's a very cliche quote, but the way Job's states it really has meaning and isn't so cliche. Don't use this mentality to do stupid things, but rather, life changing experiences.
Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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