Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The responsibility of decision making can be intimidating to many, or it could be anyone's desire! People like taking charge of their own life! Some find it easier with a set guide of what to do when. It can potentially be less stressful. I feel, some people are not capable of making their own decisions. Or, rather, they are, but they are not good ones. Some people are NOT mature enough for this freedom. But, they are still given it to an extent. Many people SHOULD be given the opportunity to make decisions for themselves because, they deserve it. This can challenge people. They are tested with time management, mature decisions, and weighing the options! It can be easier or harder. Like I said, for immature people, it's easier for them because it's what they want, but in the long run, harder because they are not learning from this opportunity. For responsible people, it can also be easier and harder as well. Easier in that they get to decide what they want to do. Tougher because this may be challenging to manage your "to do list" on your own time. I like making decisions on my own because I feel empowered. I feel responsible and that I am actually getting credit for this quality. I like seeing how I do under these situations with things such as managing my time. It's rather refreshing for a change while we students go through 18 years of our life being told what to do, when to do it.

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