Monday, September 16, 2013


With this passage, I have thought about the options. If a county like Guilford can afford to fund the schools to be able to do this, they should! Students are fascinated by the fact that there are people who actually care of our education, and want us to succeed. This can be shown by designing new ways of learning. The teachers in this passage, though some hesitant or slow to learn, at least put in the effort to help try a new system. If test scores improve in two to three years like they hope, this system could be revolutionary in America's education. With the tablet personalizing each students learning capabilities, as well as teachers now facilitating learning, I believe that this new idea seems nothing but beneficial. The Amplify tablets have numerous great features such as the ability to send out lesson plans to all students' tablets and give them the ability to learn at their pace. Another great feature is the classroom control which could track and monitor the students' history. This would probably be many people's biggest concern. "How do we know that students aren't spending time looking up useless things?" With this control, it's impossible. I think that there may be some con's people can think of, but with time and effort put into this, like the people in charge of Amplify and the teachers in Guilford county are already doing, these schools might see great results.

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