Monday, September 16, 2013


Adroit- expert in the use of hands or body.
As a pianist, I am adroit.
Amicable - showing good will.
My mom was amicable when she donated her clothes.
Averse- strong feeling of opposititon
Many Christians are adverse to abortion.
Belligerent- warlike
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cubans were belligerent. 
Benevolent- expressing good will or kindly feelings.
She has a benevolent smile.
Cursory- going rapidly over something without noticing details.
In my attempt on my last minute essay, I cursorily wrote it in ten minutes.
Duplicity- double dealing
The duplicity of her actions was astonishing.
Extol - to praise highly
After receiving athlete of the week, i was extolled by my school.
Feasible- capable of being done
My homework is feasible.
Grimace- facial expression that indicates disapproval or pain
When she heard the news, her grimace was shown.
Holocaust- a great devastation, especially by fire
A holocaust was put upon the house because of the carelessness of playing with matches.
impervious- not permitting penetration or passage
Many say the American border is impervious.
impetus- a moving force
The passion in the young kids acted as an impetus for the project.
jeopardy- hazard of exposure to loss, harm, death, or injury
My life was in jeopardy when I got in the car with the drunk driver.
meticulous- showing extreme care about minute details
I meticulously worked on the project that I received an A on.
nostalgia- sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.
Many exchange students experience nostalgia while here.
quintessence- the pure and concentrated essence of a substance
As the stage in time, the flower was quintessence.
retrogress- to go back to an earlier and usually worse condition.
Many drug addicts retrogress to their old habits after help.
scrutinize- to examine with detail
The doctor scrutinized the X-rays to check for a break.
tepid- moderately warm
After sitting for awhile, my tea was only tepid.

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