Monday, January 20, 2014


My life after high school I see very prominent. I see it full of many new adventures. Really, everything I do will be adventurous because everything will be so new to me. What I wish to do, and am in the process of making happen, is studying abroad. The thrill of being somewhere so different is what drives me to do this. Being somewhere new is pretty easy, I could drive a couple hundred miles and be in a city where I've never been. However, living a whole different lifestyle is what I yearn to experience. Studying abroad is exactly how I can fulfill my wants. I want to study in Europe. The European lifestyle is so different which I have already experienced a short preview of it and love it. It is always so nice to have so many perspectives and experiences to be able to draw from. It truly does make a person more well rounded and more of an interesting person as well.

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