Saturday, January 11, 2014


This metaphor had always been a bit confusing to me! How do you take a lesson that a trained professional gives you and ask to do it totally different? More than confusing, it is intimidating!! What if your personal way doesn't work. Learning is very personal! So maybe that is why we are supposed to "hack our education". We as the students know what is best for our learning capabilities. By changing and personalizing the curriculum, we can get ample knowledge. This thing is starting to sound more and more reasonable. The hard part is how do we do it, and better yet, how will your way work for 39 other people in the class. The best way to judge is by trying. First semester I never suggested a different way. However, I honestly didn't know a better way. I do very well at learning the way I am presented. When I come across a better way this spring semester, however, I will bring it to your attention Dr. Preston!

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