Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vocab list #1

Petulant- childish sulky or bad tempered
Composition- the action of putting things together
Expository- intended to explain or describe
Assuage- make less intense
Decadence- moral or culture decline
Hackneyed- lackin significance through having been over used
Coalition- an alliance for combined action, especially a temporary alliance of political parties forming a govt of states
Transcend- be or go beyond the range or limits of
Meritorious- deserving reward or praise
Lurid- very vivid in color (create unpleasant harsh or unnatural effect)

That teacher was acting petulant when the student disagreed.
Our first assignment was to write a composition global warming.
The college professor expected an expository piece, but instead received a report.
In the movie, the assuage helped transition into the next scene.
During the Great Depression there was mass decadence.
The word cool is hackneyed.
The two sport teams formed a coalition to become stronger.
This book transcended what I thought it would be like.
Employees of the Month receive meritorious behavior
The cover of the book about murder was lurid.

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