Monday, August 19, 2013

1. I do not think there will be any major factors that will hinder my participation in this class. I think it will only help me. English is one of the classes where you are constantly printing essays or random articles, but with everything being done online, less ink! No more last minute "Oh no, I have no ink."

2. The greatest learning experience I ever encountered was my junior year of high school. Yes, just last year. This happened because I hosted a foreign exchange student from Norway. I learned so much culturally about a whole different country on a whole different continent! I was learning but didn't even know it. For a whole year, I learned what her normal was. I also learned some Norwegian along the way. This experience of learning was worth it. I was unaware, but learning so much!

3. In this class, I'm most excited about seeing this blog develop. At the end of the year I would like to go back and review all we did in the class and see how my vocabulary, writing skills, and overall curriculum improved. I think it will change the way I look at learning. I will have more then just the traditional method of a textbook and therefore I am more open to new ideas!

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