Monday, August 19, 2013


      In todays world, there are so many different ways to access anything! Now, there are even more ways to access books! From the hundreds of different versions of the Kindle, then Ebooks, there is the library, and also there is one important tool that is so convenient for everyone! The internet! Who knew, now our favorite tool for social media can now be used to read other things besides statuses, tweets, or comments! Yes, now you can find almost any book online! While doing some research I found some great sites for great non-fiction classics.
This site has some very famous non-fiction books available for free! It's great because this site divides up each chapter for you and is essentially so easy to read multiple books!
This site is just as the URL reads, a perfect public book shelf! It provides convenience in that you don't have to drive to your neighborhood library to find a book you need! It has many different options of books and provides helpful information that could help in your life.
This site is easy to use and designed in a very organized manner with not as many distractions piled into their website. They display the book cover for easy access along with the title and author very clearly. On this site there are many famous authors including Charles Darwin, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther.
This site is different from the other three listed above, it is an online book club! Here people can chat about the latest non-fiction books they have read, compare ideas, and suggest books for others who are members of the site! From here members can then consider now non-fiction books.
Probably the easiest way to access any book you need! Thousands of great authors, books, and essays can be found here. As mentioned before, this is one of the ways books have become more versatile in the way we read them! Ebooks is a widely used method.

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