Monday, March 24, 2014


How does my masterpiece affect a potential career and then how does it differ from my true life passion? Like discussed in class, there are 2 kinds of tests; school tests, and this is where we as students are ATM'S in which the teacher deposits information throughout the course and on test days withdrawals it, and then there are life tests. Life test are the one's where we can draw on an experience and we really learn something. So in this masterpiece, I need to have both types of tests in a sense. However, we do not get the typical school test in expository composition. Anyways, back to my original question. This masterpiece could turn into a career if I wanted it to. It can transform itself into a full time, freelance journalism of my choice, and that is how I can make a living later in life. But, my passion is in fact traveling. So as I am traveling, and seeing everything there is to see, I am really pursuing a passion. My masterpiece could be a simple hobby of which I take up, or I can turn it into so much more. This really excites me to think of the possibilities.

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