Monday, March 10, 2014


1. What made you want to pursue this career?
2. Had you traveled before this career?
3. How did you start out?
4. What was your major in college?
5. Did you start out with money?
6. Were you an instant success?
7. If now, how did you work your way up?
8. Do you still enjoy your career?
9. What advice do you have for a young mind in pursuit?
10. What can I do to get a jump start?


  1. I'm just curious, when you were doing your research and what not that consequentially led to these questions, what journalist did you come across exactly that stuck out to you the most?

    - Loren

  2. I love Samantha Brown! She is a travel documenter so she only does videos not writing, but she is very good at what she does. As for my questions, I just thought about how I am kind of lost as of how exactly to become successful in this profession so these are the questions I would wish to have answered!