Tuesday, March 11, 2014


(a) how the expert you designed the 10 questions for is or isn't an entrepreneur according to how we defined it in class; 
My expert, Samantha Brown, isn't necessarily an entrepreneur because she works for company, that being the Travel Channel. However, in a way she built her own career up and got her to where she is now, so I feel she is an entrepreneur of her own career.
(b) how you are or are not an entrepreneur according to how we defined it in class; and 
I think I can be an entrepreneur with my project in a way. Though I don't have a product to offer people, I have information that could make some people's lives easier. For example, if people are looking for travel advice and they come to my future blog and find all kinds of helpful information, then I just gave someone information. If this were to happen, I believe I would be an entrepreneur because I would have a business in which I help others. 
(c) how this culture associates expertise with entrepreneurship, and how you think this idea should be reinforced or changed.
I feel like this culture makes entrepreneurship's about money and about who you know, not what you know. It does make the process easier, but these things do not define a successful entrepreneur. Someone without these resources can just as easily do this, and it has been done hundreds of times. 

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