Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My initial reaction to the research paper was to think smart when approaching it. That ring said, I managed my time so it wasn't a last minute, crappy assignment and so I was not stressing trying to finish it! So I thought "hmmm, well I'm gonna just do this." My passion in life is to study the body aka kinesiology. So, I figured out how to relate this with racism. We as humans are all "manufactured" the same. We function the same. The thing about our bodies that is different however is external appearances which is what you see right away. It's what you see before you see there "internals" and by this now I mean personality, demeanor, characteristics. An immediate judgement comes into mind right when you see someone based on their appearances. This judgement before even knowing someone caused a roadblock in a relationship immediately. These external appearances are one of the dividing lines in society.

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