Tuesday, November 5, 2013


1. Erica's tone in her essay is remorseful. Though she did not shoot the young boy, she still feels a sense of emotional in hearing about this story. She also shows confusion which shows how bewildered she was by this incident. Her tone is what make the whole essay have the meaning that it does.

2. The facts that Erica provided us is that the young boy was carrying a fake gun. He was then shot seven times. These two pieced of evidence we know are solid facts. One thing that could be a fact or a piece of twisted media is that he walked away when he saw the police.

3. Erica's conclusion she draws is that there was NO need to shoot 7 times. What is unclear in her essay is whether she believes it was an act of racism or not. To determine this, we should look at similar cases in which a person points a gun at policemen and how they reacted to this. However, no matter how close the cases may be, none are ever the same.

4. One HUGE strategy Erica uses is the very end! I don't know what that would be called, but the breakdown of the shots and what they "mean". This was powerful in conveying her conclusion listed in question 3.

5. One difference in the clarity of the essays is the picture Javi provides of the toy gun. In Erica's essay I imagined a Nerf gun shooting foam suction cups. The picture alone clarifies and in a sense justifies the story some. Another difference is Javi gives the justification to the police. He doesn't think it was right what they did, but, they took the necessary actions to protect themselves and civilians. Erica's essay focuses on the fatality of the event.

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  1. NICE JOB T! Bewildered I was. When i looked at the questions you guys had to answer I thought to myself could I answer these? It all just came out of me I was not sure if I could even pin point a tone. And on number five I totally agree with you. Great work.