Tuesday, October 1, 2013


cursory- going over something rapidly, without noticing details
Checked cursorily, my teacher left few feedback notes on my essay.
impetus-a moving force
The petition turned into an impetus.
pinnacle-a lofty peak
I reached my pinnacle when I sung at the Superbowl
contumely-insulting display of contempt in words or actions
Why do people like to talk in such a contumely way.
bereavement-a state of intense grief over loss of a loved one.
Once her mom died, she was left in bereavement.
cache-a hiding place usually in the ground
Many Jewish people had caches during the Holocaust.
consummation- completion, perfection, fulfillment
My essay was consummated by the time it was due.
calamity-a great misfortune or disaster, as a flood or serious injury
Syria is a calamity now.
avarice- miserly desiring to hoard wealth
An avarice overtook the family when the daughter won the lottery.
fortify-to protect or strengthen against attack
We fortified our chances to win with that touchdown.
erratic- deviating from the usual proper course in conduct
The tennis team behaves erratically when we go on long trips.
ubiquitous-being everywhere, especially at the same time
My think my mom is ubiquitous, especially having 6 kids
fortitude-mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty courageoulsy
My fortitude has grown since I have traveled across the world alone.
nonchalant-coolly unconcerned
Obama acts nonchalant with problems in our world.
affect-to act on
The distance affected our relationship.
effect-something that is produced by an agency or cause
A catalyst effects the result of the experiment.
misappropriate-to put to wrong use
You are misappropriating this lab tool.
pragmatic-of or pertaining to a practical point of view or practical considerations.
The past event was pragmatically related to this event.
metacognition- higher order thinking that enables understanding
Metacognition is required for me when learning anatomy.
devoutly-devoted to divine worship or service
Some who goes to church everyday is devout. 

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