Tuesday, October 1, 2013


To be as I am now, or do I change for the better? Is it better to deal with the bad things in my life or end them forever? To die, to sleep, but to sleep is to end my heartache. It's something I wish for. To die, to sleep, or to dream. But, there is my conflict. What good things could happen that I don't know of. That's what worries me. Who would want to deal with life's hardships, all the let downs from superiors, men, lovers, the legal system, the people in office, and the constant mistreating of good people. Why go through this when it is so easy to end one's life. Who would bear a life of grunting and sweating because of the difficulties, but none other then those who fear what comes after death, the undiscovered country, where no one returns, which we always question but never get answers which is causing us to stick to evil ways we are familiar with the try the ways we don't know? Conscience makes us cowards, making our familiar character hidden with over thinking. Our actions are lost amidst this all. But now comes Ophelia.
What I think is the message is he is very indecisive on his next plan. He doesn't know if she should try something different and see where the results lead, or stick to his normal ways of resolution. His thinking is deep and meaningful. It's not literally about whether to kill himself, though he questions if that is the easiest way, but more of comparing the result of if he were to end his life, or try a new way and see the results of what happened.
My approach is if you have only been taking one approach to something and you are not seeing the results you want, you should try a different way. Keep trying, don't always take the easy way out despite how tempting it can be.

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